Simple Steps To Flush Your Water Heater


Simple Steps To Flush Your Water Heater

Like all appliances, your water heater requires some upkeep and maintenance to perform at its best and have the most extended lifespan possible. Have you ever flushed your water heater? Unfortunately, for many of our clients, the answer is no.

While it’s easy to forget about your water heater since it’s out of sight, out of mind, this appliance is an immediate headache when it decides to stop working.

If your water seems to be running out of hot water faster than it should, ask yourself how long it’s been since you purchased your water heater or last flushed the system. If you haven’t had your system flushed in a year or longer, we encourage you to start adding this home maintenance task to your annual to-do list.


Sediment and rust can build up over time in the bottom of your water tank, preventing it from heating water as efficiently as it should. By flushing the tank every year, you can keep your water hot and the heater working properly. It’s a fairly quick and simple task you can take care of without having to call a plumber or bring in emergency assistance.

How To Flush Your System

*Before you get started, remember that a hot water heater is designed to keep your water hot. While that may be obvious, it is essential you prepare yourself and exercise caution while flushing your system and working on your heater. Be extremely careful when dealing with your heater and wear protective gloves to prevent yourself from potential burns. 

  1. First, attach a garden hose or similar hose to the drain valve on the water heater. Then, run the hose to a drain, somewhere outdoors, or into a large bucket.
  2. Next, open the drain valve. This may require a screwdriver or other tools. Allow the water to flow out of the heater until it stops completely. Be very careful as the water is extremely hot. 
  3. When the water runs clear and empties, disconnect the hose from your heater and close the drain valve.

It’s not as complicated as you thought it might be, right? While the processes is relatively simple, again, extreme caution when dealing with scolding water is crucial. If you don’t feel comfortable flushing the system yourself or think other issues may be plaguing your heater, seek professional assistance. 

Maintenance is Key

In addition to flushing the tank annually, it is also recommended to get your water heater inspected and serviced by a professional once a year. If it’s time to have yours checked out or if you’re experiencing other problems, call the experts at Bear to troubleshoot. Just call us at 484-202-3594 or use our online scheduling system today.