Common Washer and Dryer Problems


Common Washer and Dryer Problems

If your washing machine or dryer hasn’t been performing at it should be, you might have a problem on your hands. You can usually tell when things aren’t normal, but what do you do to remedy the issues? For some problems, you can troubleshoot things at home. And for others, we recommend calling in a professional to take a look.

So when do you do which? Check out these common washer and dryer problems that you may be experiencing, and learn more about how to address each.

1. Your washer won’t turn on.

If your washer doesn’t want to power on, the problem could be with the power supply to the washer, the lid switch, timer knob, or the washer’s motor. If this is your issue, first you will want to check your home’s electrical panel and see if a circuit breaker is tripped.

If it’s not a tripped breaker, the problem could be with the actual outlet. If so, the outlet may need to be replaced by an electrician. Additionally, the washer motor may have overheated. If this is what is wrong in your case, allow your washer time to cool before trying to turn it back on again.

2. Your washer won’t drain completely.

When things don’t drain, there is usually a blockage or broken component. If your washer won’t drain, it could be from a clogged drain hose or a faulty drain pump.

For clogged drains, you may be able to unclog this yourself by flushing the system with a garden hose. For other blockages from objects such as socks, pens, chapstick, coins or other objects, you’ll want to call in an expert.

If you don’t see a clog or there still seems to be other issues, you may want to try using less detergent in your loads. Too much detergent can actually lead to poor drainage but is easily avoidable.

3. Your washer moves or shakes during use.

A washer that moves around or jumps during the cycle may have an unbalanced load. An unbalanced load can break your washer, so try smaller loads of laundry each wash.

If that’s not the problem, you may also want to check to make sure your floor is level. Get your washer on level ground by using a wedge underneath it or by adjusting its feet.

4. Your dryer doesn’t get hot anymore.

If your dryer isn’t getting hot during a cycle but is still tumbling, you’ll probably want to call in an expert. The problem is beyond the average homeowner’s knowledge and may require new parts, specific tools, and expertise of the unit.

5. Your dryer gets too hot.

Dryers that seem to get too hot can quickly lead to a hazardous situation. This could be happening due to an obstruction in the vent or problems with the heating coils or thermostats. For obstructions, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself, but thermostat problems require professional assistance. Either way, we recommend not using the dryer until the problem has been resolved.

6. Your dryer takes forever to actually dry items.

Not only is this problem frustrating but it can lead to bigger issues. If your loads aren’t drying as fast as they should be, try clean your lint filter. You can also assess your dryer’s vent hose for blockages. Blockages to your vent hose often extend drying time.

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