5 steps to take when installing a new refrigerator


5 steps to take when installing a new refrigerator

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator or are toying with the idea of a beautiful new upgrade, congratulations! Depending on what type of fridge you choose (AKA the make and model), a new fridge is a simple way to elevate your kitchen (or other space) and make an energy-efficient upgrade.

If it’s been awhile since you purchased a new fridge, you may need a refreshing on some best practices for install day. While we recommend consulting with a professional to choose the suitable options for you, once the fridge is ready to go in, be sure to follow these five steps.

Inspect the new product

You want to make sure there isn’t any damage to your beautiful new appliance. Take a look at the appliance and check for any broken or missing pieces, damage, or other causes for alarm before you even begin the installation.

Have an extension cord on hand

Before making the purchase, you may want to consult with your appliance professional or sales associate. Still, if your fridge’s power cord doesn’t reach the needed outlet, an extension cord is an easy fix. Also keep in mind that the fridge will need a 3-prong grounded plug extension cord.

Air it out

Once your new appliance is in place and plugged in, we suggest that you leave the door open for a little bit while it cools down, before placing any food or products in the fridge. Also, leaving the door open will help eliminate the “new car smell” that usually accompanies any new appliances.

Double-check the settings

Check the fridge settings for the fridge and freezer (you should find the dials for both in the fridge somewhere). Keep in mind, it can take up to 24 hours for the compartments to hit their respective temperatures, so don’t grocery shop until the next day.

Adjust the shelves and draws as needed

Before adding items to your fridge, we recommend adjusting the shelves and “customizing” the refrigerator to meet your needs. Move around shelves, remove drawers, and all in all of your storage solutions.

And you’re ready to go! Now is the fun part: filling the fridge with all your favorite things. Have other appliance questions? Contact Bear for assistance!